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Japanese Mini Flower Tie 01 & Japanese Geometic Colour Tie 02

How was your long Easter weekend? Did you do something lovely with all the sunshine we had? Or did you tackle your spring-to-summer wardrobe change and used the time for a clear out and spring cleaning? If you did, we salute you for the courage!

To keep our souls happy and our senses glowing we compiled a new list of favourites we noted down over the last weeks. A few cool Unique Accessories are a way to make a small wardrobe feel big

Famous fashion designer Oscar De la Renta said: “A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”. The importance of accessories cannot be better summed up than thus but this is true for men and women. Accessories aim to enhance the effect of clothes you wear- whether they succeed or not depends on your sense of style, the trend in fashion at that particular time and the context. Enjoy:

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